Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Back home

I'm baaaaack! Paris was great. I'll do a longer post with pics soon. I am so determined to get fluent with my French now. I'm ok at it but nowhere near perfect. I've been really inspired to work harder in my class and beyond. I'm bilingual anyway (English and Bulgarian - most random combination) but would love to speak 3 languages, it sounds much more impressive haha. Plus then I could go work in Paris or Montreal or somewhere with nicer weather anyway.

Thankfully my arthritis only gave me minimal foot bother despite the mamoth walking around the city. I got a bit grumpy one evening when my foot suddenly piped up and people were like 'oooh lets walk all the way from the notre dame to the eiffel tower down the river' (this was about 8pm after about 7 hours of sightseeing anyway). Thankfully we decided to take the metro in the end, phew! I didnt bring up my RA, it's always so awkward with fit friends isn't it? Hard to understand/explain too because the day before I'd walked all day no problems. Overall though, very well behaved. Well done, RA.

I did, however, manage to get a massive finger infection from a hangnail!! I'm such a doofus, I pulled it off and was too busy enjoying myself so I ignored it and didnt clean it and it went wild. It feels swollen exactly like a flare in the end joint of my finger only it's near the nail and not the joint. So now it's gone green and I'm on anti-biotics. STUPID FINGERS why won't you ever be NORMAL?!

Apart from that, life is just keeps on rolling... Hope you're all keeping well!


  1. So nice to get away and enjoy yourself! Sorry to hear of your finger & I pray it heals quickly for you. T

  2. Glad to hear that Paris was awesome! Can't wait to see pics :)

    I once had an infection in my toe from an ingrown toenail for a year that took six weeks of anti-biotics to fix. Ridiculous. Ummmm, this wasn't said to scare you, just to say dumb things get infected. Glad to hear you are nipping it in the bud :)

  3. Yay for you! This trip sounds and I can't wait for pictures.