Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another moan

Ok, I know this is another moany post when I promised I would be posting lovely pictures from France. And I will!!
But.. I HAVE ANOTHER COLD! Arghhhhhhh. This is my fifth, yes, fifth.. since Christmas. Surely this isn't normal. How can I have had 5 separate colds in 3 months? Normally I am not prone to them at all. I get maybe one or two a year. Last winter I don't think I got any.

Maybe it's my office, a lot of people have been unwell. But a lot of people were unwell last year too and I was fine. And ok, last year I wasn't on any medication for RA but my medication now is plaquenil which isn't an immuno-suppressant. So it shouldn't have any effect on me getting viruses. Or should it?! Because otherwise I can't see what's different about this winter. I'm keeping warm and I eat plenty of fruit and veg. Maybe I touch my face too much and don't clean my hands enough.

I know it's not that big a problem, it's just the cold, but I'm getting really really REALLY tired of always having something wrong with me. It's either something to do with the arthritis, or a cold, or a bloody fingernail infection (which is finally healed up yay!). I would quite like a few months of just not thinking about my body and its ailments? Hmm yeah, wishful thinking!