Saturday, 12 March 2011

but it's march!!!

Snow? Again? Really?!

I'm closing my curtains until April.


  1. I KNOW!!! Why is everything so topsy-turvy these days? I'm feeling like a hermit over here because it's pouring rain! And, we just got a decent amount of snow :( And, we were planning a long ski-doo trip that probably can't happen now :(

    Boo-urns! How can we switch our weather, Squirrel?

  2. Awwww Squirrel! (and Pony, too!) It really is the pits when the weather puts the kabosh on plans and just plain makes you blue. Last winter at my house (in the California Sierra mountains) we were still getting snow off and on well into April. Now, I love snow, and I'm not working these days, so I didn't mind it. But I can sure empathise with your consternation. Driving, working, and doing thing away from home are a real hassle when it snows. I hope your weather over there gets over its snit and starts behaving itself soon.

    Best wishes to you, m'dear. Here's a hug. ;o)

  3. Same here! Enough is enough! We had a few warm days and then more snow and now it is just bitterly cold again. We haven't even had much sunshine lately. I am desparate for warm days with the sun blaring down on me. Let's hang in there together and keep daydreaming of warm days.

  4. I almost feel guilty, we've been having 70 degree weather for the last 2-3 weeks. Of course, living in Oklahoma, that also means spring storms. I'll take severe thunderstorms over ice and snow any day. Hang in there Squirrel.