Monday, 20 June 2011

Time flies

It's been quite a few weeks since I've posted and that's because today is the first day for so long that I've had to myself. I've been having a crazy time of it lately, with a friend visiting from Canada, then a holiday to Portugal (which was delightful!), then a few freelance photography and video jobs on top of my full time job. But today and tomorrow I have 2 days of alone time bliss before going back to work on Wednesday.

Apart form a couple of minor things here and there my arthritis is behaving. My feet held up really well this weekend when I was working as a camera operator at an outdoor music festival for 3 days. I was pleasantly surprised by how well my body dealt with the constant standing and heavy physical activity. I used to film music festivals every summer but I chose not to do them last year because of the arthritis stuff and this has been my first one since my diagnosis. Thankfully it went well so that's another HA! to RA.

On a negative note, the agency with which we rent our flat has illegally closed down and stolen our deposits and last month's rent. Our landlord isn't at fault and he's lost money too but we've each lost out on a few hundred pounds. So we're trying to flat hunt and save up the lost money for a deposit on a new place as we were wanting to move anyway. Really annoying.. but that's life, money is money and can be recovered. Not as important as our health..or so I keep reminding myself when I get angry about it! :)

Hope you're all keeping well!