Monday, 23 May 2011

Good news

I had my check up this morning, and the good news is that my last xrays didn't show any damage to my hands and feet. So considering the fact I've generally been feeling good since the new year my doctor's happy to keep me on just the hydroxychloroquine. Dodged the methotrexate again!! They're changing my check up interval from 3 to 6 months too. Seems a bit weird that I won't be going back for so long, but I have my doctor's number and she said to give her a ring if anything comes up or if I have a flare and need an injection. And can I just say again how much I like my doctor, she's so nice and thoughtful. Overall, great news. On the downside, I think the apocalypse is a couple of days late but is definitely starting right now in Scotland. We have CRAZY strong winds, branches are blowing off trees and stuff. Plus apparently another volcano's erupted in Iceland and flights might be disrupted. This is VERY bad news as my friend from Canada's flying over a week tomorrow and then 2 weeks tomorrow we're meant to be going to Portugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying not to panic. I'm sure everything will go as planned. Stupid volcano. Doesn't it know I need to go lie in the sun???

Thursday, 19 May 2011

London underground

Having just been in London with work, I was once again struck by something that I think about often. I had finished the thing I was filming and had about 3 hours to get myself to the airport. I was in central London and needed to get the underground from Leicester Square to the train station at Victoria and then a train to the actual airport. It sounds relatively simple, until you add in the fact that it was rush hour. Trust me, the London underground is NOT somewhere you want to be during rush hour, especially if you have arthritis.

I got on the wrong tube, I then had to double back on myself and got stuck in a delay. Then I had to change lines a few times and wait in massive queues. All in all it took me an hour to travel what should have been 3 stops. There were people rushing and pushing all around, it was incredibly hot and stuffy and even though I grabbed a seat for a wee bit, most of the time I was standing or walking down long corridors and up and down massive staircases.

During this whole time I was thinking "My god, this is terrible. How in the world is a disabled person supposed to travel like this?" I feel very lucky that at the moment my mobility is not restricted and the entire ordeal only resulted in a sore foot. However, there is the possibility that one day I may indeed need extra help getting around and it is in situations like yesterdays that I really appreciate how difficult, if not impossible, it must be for people with more severe mobility problems to get from A to B in day to day situations. Because there isn't really an alternative to using the tube in London. Yes, I suppose you could get a cab but that would cost you through the roof and yes, I suppose you could drive but if you're only in town for a business trip all the way from Scotland and you don't know where you're going then that's impossible too. Maybe there is some sort of disabled access on the tube which may be more practical during quiet times and maybe only gives access to certain stations but in rush hour with all those crowds pushing and pulling? Forget it! So what's a person meant to do? Not travel in rush hour and maybe not even be able to go to London for business at all.

So many things in life people take for granted, I wish it were that simple.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Ah work trips. I half love and half hate them. Today I think I love them as I got a taxi straight from my house to the airport and when I arrive in london i'll have 5 hours free before work to recover from the trip. Lunch on the company in covent garden you say? Oh ok then! Life is good. :-)
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Monday, 9 May 2011

Michael Bosanko

Just discovered the work of Michael Bosanko, an incredible light artist and photographer. He produces striking images made only with coloured torches and a long exposure on his camera. Check it out, pretty cool stuff! It's making me want to go and try it myself, although I'm sure my attempts will be a lot less spectacular!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Meh.. heavy rain + feet playing up = duvet time and crap tv. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. At least it'll be Friday.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Spa Day

Why has no one told me how amazing spas are before?!

I mean, yeah people say they're great but why has no one shook me and gone "WHY HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN, YOU CRAZY WOMAN? GET YOURSELF BOOKED IN RIGHT NOW!!"

It was my mum's birthday at the weekend so as a special treat I'd booked us into a spa for the day. (Yes, I know, I'm a wonderful daughter ;) ) We started off going for a swim and then using the hydro pool which is kinda like a massive jacuzzi and has a waterfall type thing in one end. Then we went for a neck, shoulder and back massage - oh my god, I could have those every day!! Afterwards we chilled out in the 'relaxation' rooms, then did a bit more swimming, sat in the sauna and then had a 'Rasul' treatment which involves covering yourself in grey mud from top to bottom (quite a sight!) and sitting in a steam room for 35 minutes after which you emerge with the soft skin of a newborn baby.
Oh and there was lunch and a glass of champagne in the middle of all that too.

Honestly.. if I had more money I'd be there once a month. So nice to spend a whole day away with my mum too and catch up properly.

I think RA patients should get spa membership free on the NHS. I'll suggest that to my local MP and see what they say...