Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Forgot to write about this!! It made me laugh.

At my friend's wedding on Saturday I was talking to this woman in her late 20s about my bike ride the next day. She asked who I was fundraising for and I replied that it was for Arthritis Care.

To which she said: "Awwww... that's sooo nice. I've always wanted to, like, help old people."

Ahahahaaaaaaa. I really wanted to tell her I AM one of those 'old people' with arthritis. But causing a scene at my friend's wedding didn't seem worth it just to see the horrified expression on her face.


  1. What?!...I would have totally let her know that anyone can get arthritis! But politely, of course, since there is a wedding going on=).

  2. Should have asked her if she's ever had her ass kicked by an old person. lol

    The general public doesn't have a clue about us.

  3. You are a much stronger person than me. I would definitely have had to say something. Oh well, it did make me laugh this morning. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah it's such an unknown condition, considering 1 in 100 people are meant to have RA. That's way more common than MS and everyone knows what MS is!!

  5. Bwa ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh :D I'm so tired of folks telling me I'm too young for arthritis (are they telling me I don't have it??), but this made my day. I can't say that I would have the restraint that you did :)