Friday, 1 February 2013


Well I am once again calm and feeling positive. I always get myself in a tizz and need to rant and rant and have a wee cry and a few days later I'm sorted. I guess that's a good thing as it doesn't let my emotions build up inside.

The doctor is doing all the right investigations and now we just have to wait.

In other news, I am off to Prague next week for 4 days! I've never been before so I'm very excited to see all the historical sites and drink all the wonderful local pivo.

Hopefully it will be very cheap too, as I have been skinned alive by the dentist this month. I hadn't gone for a check up for about 3 years (I know, silly!) but since I got diagnosed with the arthritis I think I got sick of doctors and let it slide. I've never had problems with my teeth but it turns out I needed 6 fillings! I've had 2 done and getting the rest in about 10 days time, but as 3 of them are quite near the front I didn't want to get the low cost silver NHS fillings so had to pay about £200 for white fillings privately. Ouch.

I guess it's good we caught them now before they developed into root canals. Although I'm sure this is still very cheap compared to what some of you guys in the US have to shell out for medical treatment so I should count myself lucky!


  1. I am glad you are feeling calm again Squirrel. Sometimes the waiting and drive you crazy.

  2. Calm, positive and a trip to Prague ... you're living the life! Except for the 6 fillings, ouch. There is definitely a link between RA and teeth problems.

    How about some pictures of your trip.