Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Arthritis Home Test

I was just reading through my daily 'rheumatoid arthritis' google alerts when an article popped up saying that this is now on the market:

Yes, folks! A home test for arthritis. I was puzzled too. Basically it's a home antiCCP test that you can purchase for a mere £25.

I'm really not too sure what I think about this. I guess it's good to have something to show rubbish GPs who dismiss symptoms, but surely we shouldn't be responsible for doing our own DIY diagnostic tests when we pay taxes for our health service??

I'm also worried that even though it mentions it's not always accurate, people who don't really know the ins and outs of RA but have the symptoms will purchase the test, it'll be negative and then they'll go "oh it's ok, I dont need to go to the doctor because the test says I'm fine".

It's made by 'Euro-Diagnostica' who from their website appear to be a large legitimate company supplying diagnostic tools to hospitals, etc. It is quite strange they've marketed this, I'm not sure what its purpose is. I guess making money out of the paranoid hypochondriacs and the poor desperate people who are getting nowhere with their diagnosis.

Although I did have to wait about 3 weeks for my antiCCP to come back (negative)..for 25 quid I could've done it in 10 minutes. Way hey!!

What do you think of this?? Do you think a GP would take notice if a person with joint problems who they've previously sent on their way came back with a positive one of these?


  1. Good post, you blindsided me with this one, I don't know what to think. I went to the website and looked around. I'm like you ... I'm not sure what type of audience are they targeting with this. If you think that you might have RA, 95% of the population is going to a doctor. I guess they might sell a few, but I just can't see it being a big seller nor do I see a big need for it. Also, no where on the website does it state anything about an accuracy percentage. You also make another valid point, what doctor is going to take you seriously when you come in and tell him you have RA, I did a home test.

  2. This whole idea just kind of pissed me off. My mom and sister are both pretty sick and have been for a while. My mom has some weird lumps and my sister has some combination of RA and probably Crohn's Disease (Honestly, with the research I've done, I think she probably has lupus and not RA). In any case, they both refuse to go to the doctor, because of a) money, and, b) they both think that they can manage their problems on their own.

    People need to trust doctors more and stop being afraid of hearing the bad news to spite the right treatments.

  3. KirBir, my mum has some sort of arthritic issue going on too but she refuses to go to the doctor. It's frustrating, isnt it? I hope your mum and sis get sorted out soon and get the help they need.