Sunday, 23 January 2011

My weekend in photos

What a lovely weekend. I couldn't feel happier going into the week.

Started on Friday night with a lovely dinner at a Kurdish restaurant in Edinburgh for a friend's birthday:

Catching up with a lot of people I don't get to see often anymore, great silly banter and perhaps a little bit too much of this:

Saturday was spent shopping around my neighbourhood for bits and bobs and tidying my house, as well as watching a few interesting documentaries. In the evening, I headed out for a few drinks for another friend's birthday and then to a friend's house to watch French films, in anticipation for our trip to Paris next month:

A lovely bottle of champagne (all in the aid of researching french culture) was also consumed:

Today we slept in late and grabbed a late lunch in a bistro in the West End of Glasgow where I had a delightful veggie full breakfast and an even more delightful cupcake for dessert:

We also spotted a celebrity, in the form of very famous Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle:

We then had a stroll around a vintage market which takes place in this bar/restaurant every Sunday where I purchased a lovely necklace:

And to round up the weekend I went to see the King's Speech at the cinema which was very enjoyable:

Just a wee reminder to myself for when I'm down in the dumps that my life can be and often is really good. :)


  1. Squirrel, your weekend sounds absolutely awesome! Life is often good, isn't it? Yay for you and thanks so much for sharing these good times.

  2. Okay, you just made me so jealous! I love living in a small town in the north, but I do struggle with the lack of food choices here. Oh, how I would love to go to a Kurdish restaurant one evening then enjoy lovely cupcakes out the next. Way to enjoy life, Squirrel!

  3. Man, you are living the good life! Sounds like you had an epic weekend. Right now, my definition of a good night is having the night off and catching a Sons of Anarchy rerun on tv.

    I'm with you Pony, I live in a small town too. Not much to do and limited on eating choices as well.

  4. Haha I love nights in front of the telly too! Frequently need them too. But I feel like with spring on the way I'm up for doing more and more.

    I've always been a big city girl, although I love holidays to the country. I do feel spoilt for choice when it comes to food - probably why I eat so much of it!! :)