Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dum dee dum

I don't have anything in particular to post about today so here's some random reflections:

* I spent the weekend down south at a Theme Park with 3 friends. It was aaaawesome!

* I have a crush on someone at my yoga class. Wondering whether if I ask them out and they say no it'll mean I'll have to stop going to the class out of pure embarassment?!

* I had a STUPID day today. I had to drive through to Edinburgh super early and film something, half of which went fine and then my microphone went crazy and conked out. Really frustrating. Then a part of the photography equipment conked out! Then I got stuck in a traffic jam on the way home. I should feel annoyed but the older I get the more I find this stuff funny.

* My feet are suspicious. They feel a bit dodgy but not dodgy enough to say they're flaring. I walked about all weekend and it was fine but I can just feel a tiny bit of that jabby 'something' in the balls and it's been there about 2 weeks. Go away, please. You're annoying me, I have NO TIME FOR SORE FEET or anything else for that matter! So that's you told, feet - NO FLARING OR ELSE.

* I need a large glass of vino, thankfully my friend is making me dinner tonight. Woo hoo.

* Apparently I love typing in capitals today.

That's all. Bring on the weekend already!!


  1. That is so weird, I've had that same jabby feeling off and on in the middle of the inner parts of my feet for a few days.

    Also, yay weekends!

  2. My feet hurt all of the time, every day. I hate it, especially having to wear steel toe work boots in the pressroom at work.

  3. That sounds like a really tough job, Tharr, especially with sore feet!

    KirBir, hope yours turns out to be a minor glitch!

    My pain comes and goes but I dread that one day it won't go.