Tuesday, 13 July 2010


One Tuesday - over.

Two pills of Hydroxychloroquine - swallowed and digested.

Numerous side effects so far - totally avoided.

This happened with the sulfa too (I mean aside from my WBC melting away I felt fab).. Surely my luck can't hold out much longer. I'm expecting to grow a few tentacles or possibly a tail by the weekend. I'll keep you posted...


  1. I'll send Doctor Who to quarantine you should the need arise... :) L

  2. Haha! Yes please. I'm just about to sit down and watch it.. Almost finished Series 1. How freaky is the gas mask child that keeps going 'Are you my mummy?'. That really freaked me out!!

  3. Scary, isn't it? I'm slowly working my way through the new ones. Just watched the Venice/vampire one! Am quite liking the new Doctor Who, although still miss David Tennant, and Donna, and Rose.... :) L

  4. When I started mtx I remember just waiting and waiting for the horrible side effects. Mine were minimal, until the liver panel.

    I hope you do well...and do not grow tentacles.

  5. Congrats.

    Just... if you do develop tentacles, please post pictures?

  6. Tentacles and tails? Oh no! Not another side effect to worry about. I can just hear the commericals now - May cause loss of hair, destruction of liver, stomach cramps, tentacles and tails.

    Seriously, I hope this is the one that makes your body happy and brings relief.

  7. Thanks guys.. I'll definitely post pics of the tentacles if they sprout. I'll be an internet sensation.

    Me and my mate were sitting reading out lists of side effects of our medications (he's on an anti inflammatory, not for arthritis). My favourite one on his list was the 'may cause inflammation'. Surely that's the thing he's trying to suppress?? Hilarious reading. No point even thinking about it. They might as well just say 'anything could happen, so just take it and call your doctor if you feel weird.'