Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bike update!

Phew... 23 miles biking today.

I feel beat. It was a beautiful sunny day and I went out to Loch Lomond which is a lake..well..23 miles north of Glasgow. Gotta say, the last 6 miles or so, the only thought that kept me going was the pint of beer I knew I'd reward myself with at the end.

My foot was sore in the morning but I went out anyway and it got better as the day went on. Now my thumb is complaining... but, hey ho. That's how it goes. I'm rather pleased with my effort. My bum will be super sore tomorrow, for sure!!

So that's like... almost half of what I need to do in 2 weeks time and I can't even train much next weekend because I have a friend coming over from America and he'll want to go sightseeing around castles and men in kilts playing bagpipes and all that stuff you americans go bonkers over!

Anyway here's some pics from today:

Me with a big statue of a bike that I randomly came across..

The map of the route I took today

Most of the journey was along rivers or canals like this

The final destination

...and, my reward

Right..a hot chocolate in bed is in order, I think!


  1. Congratulations! 23 miles is fantastic.

  2. Thanks Cathy, it's the most I've ever done!! But the charity ride is more than double that, so need to keep training!

  3. Awesome! Love the pic of you with the big bike statue. Good luck on your upcoming ride.