Thursday, 17 June 2010

Just another Monday..

Not a brillant start to the week so far. I had a fun weekend away, went up to the Highlands camping with a friend and the weather was gorgeous - blue skies all the way.

Alas it seems the good times can't just keep on rolling, the arthritis has piped up and my right hand pointer finger's swollen up. Tomorrow would've been 2 months without swelling - it's as if it knew! Oh well, I don't know how this one's gonna go.. hopefully it'll be a mini flare and not spread to too many other joints. So hard to explain to people how incredibly frustrating it is to even have one useless finger, let alone more.

I am seeing the doc on Thursday for bloods - 2 weeks since I stopped the sulfa. I don't know if this flare up's related to that or not.. I don't know anything anymore, my body makes up its own rules.

To keep my spirits up I'm going to watch Dr Who, chill out and think about a friend of mine who had a lot of health problems as a teen. She had to have open heart surgery to remove a gland which was affecting her facial nerves. This was when we were about 18 and I remember she was on steroids for over a year prior to the surgery and has a massive scar all the way down her chest. BUT.. she's been in the news this week for winning a Scottish fashion award for young talent, beating off competition from thousands of graduates. Such an amazing achievement. And ok, I know it was a different condition and I don't know the ins and outs of it and if it still affects her but I know she had a rough time. I also remember how positive and cool she was during that time and what a driven young woman she's obviously become. I'm very pleased for her and quite inspired! I need to remember that life might look brighter in the future and I could still achieve things that I want to do. Even on a crappy day like today.


  1. Sorry to hear you're swellin'. Hope it sticks with just one finger and leaves the other joints alone!

    And thank you for the inspiring peak into your friend's life. It is a good reminder to try be positive; this is the hand we are dealt...make the most of it!

    Cheers to Mondays and feeling better fast,


  2. Thanks Jenn! Im fine really, shouldn't be moaning as it could be soooo much worse but I guess that's part of why I have a blog - gotta let it out somewhere. Hope you're well, been enjoying the posts by your mum and about your dad, and the lovely old photos! Take it easy xx

  3. We love to go camping, but it's too hot right now. Hope your flare doesn't hit you too hard. Great story about your friend. Have you remained close? Hang in there, the flare will be gone soon.

  4. Thanks Tharr! We haven't remained close, as I live in a different city now but we check in on each other through Facebook. I don't want to jinx it but the finger's a lot better than it was on Monday and maaaaaybe I'll get away with it. Probably not now that I've said this!! Hope you get some camping in soon :)