Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Posting for the 3rd day in a row - can you tell I'm having a few quiet evenings in?!

A few months ago I, madly, decided to sign up for a charity bike ride which takes place in September. It's 60 miles, from Edinburgh to Glasgow. Wonderful, I hear everyone say! What a great way to raise some money AND get fit.

So here is the problem - I am NOT fit and never have been. When arthritis joined in the party I gave all exercise up for a while because I felt awfully sorry for myself, didn't have a clue what was going on with my body and it was the start of a very long and snowy winter. I replaced the bike with chocolate - hello 6 pound weight gain!!

However, as Spring sprung, the days got longer and my joints settled down I decided to get back on my bike. I also started going to yoga and swimming. I was feeling pretty good but the last few weeks I've been slacking off (read that as 'spending every weekend out socialising drunk as a skunk').

I went cycling for the first time in ages last night and OH MY GOD. I didn't even go up any hills, just did a couple of laps around the park and I was exhausted. Did the same tonight and it was still pretty tough on my poor weak muscles.

As much as I am grateful for ANY day I am fit enough to go biking (and I am very very grateful), I need to step up my game. How will I be able to cycle 60 miles in 2 and a half months?! Just need to focus on my goal - half the money I raise is going to a cancer charity and half to Arthritis Care, so it'll be worth it in the end.


  1. Hey! Here's a cycling training program I found that you can download. I used a similar type program for a 10km run I was training for years ago and the slow buildup worked for me (a total non-runner!). Good luck! :) L

  2. This is awesome and I know you can do it!! I have several arthritis friends who bike and bike loooong distances; they love it, but it was definitely a slow build-up.

    Maybe in the fall you can head to Cali for our (Arthritis Foundation) 8-day, 525 mile Bike Tour, which rides down the beautiful CA coast from San Francisco to Santa Monica. This ride raises over a million $$ for arthritis!!

    I volunteer during the ride (mainly make thousands of peanut butter and banana/jelly sandwiches), but plan to train for it in 2011!

    more info:



    P.S. Do you have an online fundraising page for this ride?

  3. Thanks so much for the link Laurie, I've printed out the program. I only have 10 weeks but I can modify it!

    Jenn, wow that sounds amazing!!! I would love to do that, although there's no way I'd have the cash for it this year. But you've got me thinking about 2011, that would be such a cool thing to do. I was planning on visiting my friend in Toronto next summer, maybe I could have a mad North American adventure. Would have to get a lot fitter but hopefully this first ride will get me started.
    I don't have a page yet, I'm going to set one up soon. :)

  4. This is awesome! I love bike riding and am slowly trying to build my muscles back up so I can do the rides I enjoy. I am really impressed with you taking on 60 miles. I hope you will post your progress along the way so we can cheer you on!

  5. Aw thanks Cathy, I will definitely do updates. 60 miles didn't seem that far when I signed up in March but the closer that the date gets the longer it seems.;)
    I'm glad you're able to re-introduce cycling to your routine. Good luck with building up those muscles.. it's tough but we'll get there!!