Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I got back on Sunday night but have been uber busy and not had time to sort through my pictures. Until today - yipieee!!

We had an amazing time, it's a cool place - a bit dodgy, gotta watch your bag for pickpockets and your purse strings in general as it's very expensive in the touristy areas.

Really gorgeous architecture, obviously, with Gaudi's magnificent and final work La Sagrada Familia towering over the heart of the city:

The city is also host to one of the world's finest and biggest examples of Gothic architecture in the Gothic Quarter, just off La Rambla:

I also loved the magical Park Guell, another of Gaudi's masterpieces. The odd tower-like structures almost look like fairy tale gingerbread houses and the wonderfully coloured broken tiles have become a symbol of Barcelona. The green space and sculptures in park Guell used to be the grounds of Gaudi's residence and are now a public park with gorgeous views over the city:

We also spent a lot of time wandering about, chilling out and drinking a few sangrias - on the beach and everywhere we could really!

We went to a music festival the last few days which was cool. We saw the Pixies, Broken Social Scene, the Pet Shop Boys (lol) and lots of good smaller bands.

The weather also stayed sunny and just the right amount of hot. Overall, excellent. If you are lucky enough to be in the position to travel I thoroughly recommend this city.

On the arthritis side of things, feeling really good. Had no problems on holiday at all even though I drank loads and was a bit worried about the sulfa. I'm not drinking this week though so hopefully my liver will forgive me, got my first meds blood test next tuesday - ugh. There was a wonderful moment maybe Wednesday night, where we got home and I realised I hadn't thought about arthritis for at least a few hours. That's a long time for me, it usually crosses my mind a couple of times an hour. I had a sore lower back the last couple of days which was a bit unpleasant but I don't know if that was the arthritis or just the aftermath of lots of walking and sleeping in a different bed. Who knows.. My yoga instructor focused on the thighs and back yesterday so I gave it a good stretch and it seems almost back to normal.

So, back to work now. Joy joy joy. No holidays for a while now as I'm BROKE!! But really really thankful that all went to plan, and long may it continue. (I've probably just jinxed myself by saying that...).

Oh on a side note - just been catching up on all the TV I missed and OH MY GOD. How awful was the Lost finale?? This whole season I've been losing interest in it but that was beyond terrible.

Ok, that's it. Sorry for the long post but hope you enjoyed the pics.


  1. Lovely photos! I love the fisheye perspective!

  2. Thanks Lene! I took too many, as usual..

  3. Awesome pictures! I'm glad you had a great vacation :) I wonder if my camera has a fisheye perspective....

  4. Thanks Pony!
    I've got a nikon SLR and bought a fish eye converter - I'm obsessed with it now, I've stopped taking normal