Thursday, 24 June 2010

I LOVE my doctor

I just have to say how amazing my doc is. I don't mean my consultant, as I've only met her once (she's lovely too). My other doctor is the one who did my ultrasound and has been taking all my bloods at the hospital. She's a bit weird, granted.. she's about 40 but has long hair speckled with grey, used to do charity medical work in Africa and I think she's generally a bit of a secret hippy. I've always liked her - she remembers everything I tell her about my life, always asks for details and when she did my ultrasound she spent about 2-3 hours with me which was awesome. But today she totally surprised me. We British like to moan about the 'crappy' NHS, so I thought I should share this. I had to go in for bloods this morning as my white cell count dropped a few points on sulfa and we had to stop it for 2 weeks and see if it went up again. She did my bloods and said she was going on holiday the next day and that she'd ask someone to call me or send me a letter next week telling me what the results were and what I should do with the meds.

So I went back to work and maybe 4-5 hours later my phone rings and it's my doctor saying that she really wanted to get my bloods through before she left for her holidays so she marked it urgent and she wanted to speak to me herself. Not because there was anything wrong, I just think she knows how upset and worried I get. I was so pleasantly surprised, as I know she probably had a million things to do today but she found the time to do this for me and ring me herself.

Dr A rocks!! I actually have had brilliant care at the hospital so far and I know not everyone's experience is the same as I read on message boards about doctors rushing them or being rude so I guess I've lucked out.

On the bloods side of things, white cell count's back to normal. We'll try the sulfa again for a few days before I get the next bloods in 2 weeks. If it drops again then it's definitely the sulfa and they want to try me on hydroxy. Stupid white blood cells, who needs them anyway? ;)


  1. she sounds absolutely awesome! and honestly, I think it's the hippies who tend to be really good doctor - they have their head in at place that's about service and helping in a way you don't often see with non-hippies.

  2. Lucky you! Having a good doc that you feel comfortable with makes a huge difference. Hope your counts stay normal!

  3. Having a great doc is so important when dealing with a chronic disease; this is someone we have to see like for the rest of our lives!! I'm glad you love yours. I love my doc too...actually, I love my whole medical team, the office staff, the nurses, and my Rheumy, of course!

  4. Awesome stuff! I'm convinced that having a bad doc can somehow make your disease a little bit worse, what with the stress and tension and all. Fingers crossed those white blood cells stay up!

  5. Thanks guys :) Glad most of you like your doctors too (although I'm sure we all wish we didn't have to go see them so often!).

  6. Having a doctor who cares and makes sure you know it is so important in dealing with RA (or any other disease, for that matter). I'm glad your doc is so compassionate and empathetic, Squirrel. And I hope that your white cell count is good when the next test is done.

    Have a terrific weekend!