Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spring clean

Well, the birds are chirping, little lambs are springing and easter eggs are rolling down hills. It must be Spring! And so comes the time for a Spring Clean.

I mean this both literally and metaphorically. Firstly, I'm moving house soon. I've been in this flat for 3 years but one of my flatmates is moving out so myself and my other flatmate are getting a 2-bedroom place in the same area. Something smaller and nicer. This flat is very big and great for parties but the furnishings are a bit tired and tatty. To be honest, I also quite fancy moving and giving my things a clear out. I've stayed put for too long and gathered too much rubbish. We're looking to move in June/July but it'll take a while to sort out so I'll neeed to do little bits every week until then.

Secondly, I am cleaning out my lifestyle. Sort of. As I mentioned last week, it was my birthday. I had a great time and threw a massive party which was a great success but has left me feeling very rough all week. Lately I've been eating badly, drinking too much and generally not taking care of myself. Now that my celebrations are over, I am putting the chocolate and the booze away monday-friday, getting myself back to yoga class, the swimming pool and dusting my bike off. I'm sure that making these changes will make me feel a lot better with my joints, and help me lose a bit of that winter chub I've gathered.

It's difficult to emerge from the long laziness of winter, but I feel excited about the next few months and making positive changes to my life.


  1. I am excited for you Squirrel. Being good to our bodies is always a good thing. I am getting excited for the days to be warm enough that I can dust off my bike also.

    Enjoy yourself as you clean out the "rubbish" (I love that word!)and start out your new year all nice and clean. In case I forgot to say, "happy birthday",here it is.

  2. I look forward to Spring, a time of renewal in so many ways.

  3. Good luck with the new start! :) L

  4. I love new beginnings! Good for you recognizing your own need for change. It's not always easy to speak of it and then follow through but you sound engaged! Best of luck to you and we'll all encourage you through. Gentle hugs. Tammy

  5. Thanks guys. I havent had any chocolate OR beer good haha. And about to take my bike out to the park. If I can only keep this up for 4-5 months..