Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snowed in

Well it's another 'snow day' off from work. The photo above is actually from central Scotland the past few days.

The weather's been crazy, we had 3 snow days last week and it looks like we won't be able to go back to the office until friday. The motorways are closed in parts and there's ice and deep snow everywhere.

Trying to work from home but it's difficult as my laptop is pretty slow and cant handle the photo and video editng software I use for work.

It's -14 C outside and it's almost lunchtime. Insane. It's never this cold here, never!

My poor feet are suffering a bit lately but I'm just thankful it's not my hands.

Oh well.. day in bed.. can't really complain!


  1. Wow! That looks like Toronto during a bad winter day! So far this year we haven't had any real snow yet. Everybody around us has. Just north of the city border they have. South of us in Buffalo, N.Y. they got walloped, but us, nope, nada. We are apparently in a snowfree zone so far. Most people aren't complaining. Me, I like the white stuff!

    Have fun in bed and hope you don't get too cold!

    :) L

  2. Your snow is beautiful, I'm just glad we don't have any of our own (at least yet). Hope you enjoyed your day in bed, and kept your feet warm.

    We had 3X our annual snowfall last winter, in fact I got snowed in at work one night. Instead of not being able to make it to work, I couldn't make it home!!

  3. Here in Wisconsin, it's been -10F but we've only had a little bit of snow - usually we get tons! I think it's only actually snowed like three days this year so far, with more snow coming tonight.

  4. Terry, I got stuck at work on Monday! The motorway was so icy and covered with snow that people were stuck in their cars overnight. So we had to get a hotel near our work instead of driving home. Fun times!

    It's a bit warmer today though so roads are clearing. Meant to snow again next week though...