Friday, 17 December 2010


Boss at work today walks up to my desk and notices my pen that I use for editing in Photoshop.

Boss: "Whoa! Look at the way you hold that pen!"
(note, I currently hold my pen between my pointer and middle fingers, which I started doing a few months ago after a flare in my thumb. And now my pointer finger is a big swollen mess so I can't lean the pen on it so this is the only way to work. anyway...)
Me: "Yes."
Boss: "Ha, it looks like a CLAW the way you're gripping that!!"
Me: "(Silence)"
Boss: " don't seem to like that.." *walks away pleased with his little joke.*

Ugh. Yes. A claw. Great choice of words. Because it's not like I've spent countless restless nights having nightmares about ending up an old woman with twisted claw-like hands. Thanks, boss. He knows I have arthritis too, but it seems he has forgotten. Ignorant ass.


  1. What an poor ingnorant asshole.

    Enough said.

  2. So many of us with hand issues lately. Mine are so swollen I can't stand it. Fine motor skills are non existant. Feel better. T

  3. Seems to me that there is a LOT of management that needs to take a class on people skills. My supervisor isn't much better, and his wife has RA. It's sad that these clowns have people under them.

  4. Thanks guys. yeah i havent had such swollen fingers for over 8 months now. im not sure if it's the really cold weather or what..

    Terry, sorry to hear you suffer from bad management too. It's just what we need eh? It's sad because we keep quiet at work and put up with pain, etc and somehow manage to get on with our jobs and then someone makes an offhand comment and it really hurts. It's good to let off steam on here though!

  5. Wow Squirrel, how insensitive of him. Maybe you can "claw" his eyes out. No, that wouldn't solve the problem, would it? Some people just have to be ignored and forgotten. Sorry about your fingers. I hope things improve soon. Is a break from work coming up soon?

  6. Thanks Cathy! No unfortunately I only have a couple of days off over the holidays. Nevermind, im sure things will start to look up soon!

  7. By the way, I love Photoshop and Illustrator. Amazing programs, I don't work with them on a "need to" basis any longer. I have them on my Mac here at home, and still use them both regularly. You just gave me an idea, I might post some art work on my blog that I have done in Illustrator.

  8. That's awesome Terry! I'd love to see it. I haven't used illustrator myself but use Photoshop every day. Do you have a Wacom tablet with a pen? I had that before the RA but i find it's actually amazing now that my fingers play up sometimes. so much easier than clicking the mouse all the time, plus you can use it for everything, not just photoshop.