Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wee update

Things in Squirrel-land are pretty good right now, busy hopping around branches and collecting nuts for the winter and what not!

I'm just back from a short holiday in Berlin with my girlfriend (our first holiday together!) and I was in London before that for a work conference. Busy busy busy. This weekend I have a family friend staying with me but to be quite honest what I'd really like to do is just have a quiet one, sit around in my PJs and watch crap TV. Unfortunately all these social events seem to all happen at once. So hard to be popular and in demand, haha!

Something I'm quite excited about right now though is that I've joined a local community garden. It's a charity project which gives people in the neighbourhood a chance to get involved in growing our own vegetables. We're just planning what to grow next year and I'm really looking forward to it. I've never grown anything before so it'll probably be a bit of trial and error but there are more experienced members who will be on hand to help. The area I live in has mostly flats, so it's great to have a space and the facilities to grow our own veg.

So that's it really for now, nothing to complain about!
I hope everyone has got their Christmas jumpers on, not long now till Santa comes!!


  1. Squirrel, what a great project. I hope you will take photos along the way and share with us. Also, thanks for sharing that life is going well for you. It is so good to hear!!! And who doesn't ALWAYS want to sit around in Pj's watching crap on TV. It is my dream life! Every day I think I have free for this gets filled. :(

  2. A community garden sounds great! There is nothing like the taste of fresh veggies (especially if you grew them!), not to mention the mental and physical health benefits of gardening and community involvement. And, I second Cathy: I would love to see pictures!

  3. Also, glad you had a nice holiday with your girlfriend :) Once again, I will express my jealousy of where you live!

  4. I will definitely provide pictures! We're sharing most of the produce but we're split into teams who will look after different vegetables. My team is going to be responsible for the broccoli, brussel sprouts, beetroot, parsnip, peas and salad leaves. Yum yum.