Saturday, 1 October 2011

Eye tests

How hard is it to get an eye test?? Seriously. I have to get them yearly because of the hydroxy. Today is the third time I've tried to go for a test and been turned away due to bureaucracy and problems transferring my records from last year to this new opticians. It's not a big deal really, got me out of my bed this morning, but it just got me thinking about how much the mundane routine things related to this disease get in the way. I'm very lucky that I don't have to go for blood tests anymore but I did when i was on sulfasalazine and that was really disruptive as I always had to take time off work. I guess if you're on a combo of meds you have to do both blood and eye tests as well as your 3 or 6 monthly arthritis check ups, and then more appointments for flares or steroid injections and maybe even physiotherapy and blah dee blah. Honestly! It's enough to count as a part-time job. How nice it is to have a long-term condition! Anyway, rant over. I am actually in a splendid mood. Everything is going really well right now and I have to say I am feeling incredibly happy and positive. I'm away to Iceland and Germany for 2 weeks soon and can't wait, never been to Iceland before and it's meant to be absolutely gorgeous. I've just bought a new wide angle lens for my camera so can't wait to take some photos with it. I'm particularly excited about seeing the Northern Lights. I hope we get a nice clear night!!


  1. Oh, Squirrel! Iceland! I've never been there before, either, but I'd absolutely love to go. Maybe someday, eh? Are you taking this trip for work or is it a late vacation? I'd love to re-visit Germany, too, except if I went to either place, a couple of weeks wouldn't be nearly enough for me. I want a couple of months. Maybe a couple of YEARS. Heh. That's your Wren, always thinking big.

    VERY glad to hear you're feeling so well these days, and yes, all those appointments are an annoyance. I'm on sulfasalazine, Arava and hydroxy, so I do get to experience the whole shebang of the various appointments. I just had my eye test a few weeks ago, and as I was wandering down the vast hospital halls, it occurred to me that I know the place so well, now, I could easily just live there. I know all the really comfy waiting rooms and where to find the best vending machines...

    It's a sort of backhand luck that, being "retired" (I've come to prefer that word to "long-term unemployed)I don't have to worry about taking time off work for appointments, etc. I used to, though, and I can empathise with your aggravation and worry. It's good that you don't have to go to more, though.

    Here's wishing you a wonderful time on your journey to Iceland and Germany. May your rheuma remain sleepy and your energy levels wide awake.

  2. Thanks Wren :) I'm just going on holiday, I am staying with a friend who lives in Iceland and a friend in Berlin so that gets the cost down for sure! Really excited, I've been to Berlin before and I love it. I hope you get to go to Iceland and back to Germany, you used to live there right? Dream big, I'm sure you'll get the chance to go again.

    And yes, I feel that way about the hospital sometimes too which is funny because until 2 years ago I'd never been inside a hospital! Ha!

    Thank you for the nice wishes, my rheuma is very asleep, in a suspected coma even, and I just can't believe my luck. I know you're having a tough time so I'm sending you healing thoughts, hopefully things will smooth out for you soon!

  3. Yay to feeling good and happy. Keep it up. I love hearing this kind of news. Enjoy Iceland and Germany. I hope there are lots of pics.

  4. Have a great time in Berlin. If you have time, visit the GDR museum.
    I'll be back in Berlin in January. It's a great city, even in the dead of winter.

  5. Glad you're feeling good! I hate eye tests as well, and I don't have any problems getting in to get them. I'm jealous, I'd love to see Iceland. I want to see the Northern Lights in person but probably never will. Post some photos of them if you get some. Have fun.