Monday, 2 May 2011

Spa Day

Why has no one told me how amazing spas are before?!

I mean, yeah people say they're great but why has no one shook me and gone "WHY HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN, YOU CRAZY WOMAN? GET YOURSELF BOOKED IN RIGHT NOW!!"

It was my mum's birthday at the weekend so as a special treat I'd booked us into a spa for the day. (Yes, I know, I'm a wonderful daughter ;) ) We started off going for a swim and then using the hydro pool which is kinda like a massive jacuzzi and has a waterfall type thing in one end. Then we went for a neck, shoulder and back massage - oh my god, I could have those every day!! Afterwards we chilled out in the 'relaxation' rooms, then did a bit more swimming, sat in the sauna and then had a 'Rasul' treatment which involves covering yourself in grey mud from top to bottom (quite a sight!) and sitting in a steam room for 35 minutes after which you emerge with the soft skin of a newborn baby.
Oh and there was lunch and a glass of champagne in the middle of all that too.

Honestly.. if I had more money I'd be there once a month. So nice to spend a whole day away with my mum too and catch up properly.

I think RA patients should get spa membership free on the NHS. I'll suggest that to my local MP and see what they say...


  1. You just described my dream.

    And, ditto on the spa membership coverage. Should be totally mandatory for all Ra-ers!

  2. Pony, seriously.. get yourself booked in. It's totally worth it! I guess maybe you'd have to travel a bit to find something like that where you are?

  3. As I read your post I could imagine myself there feeling positively relaxed. What a great idea!