Friday, 18 February 2011

Wheel of fortune

I know I've only had RA for a year and a bit, but so far it seems I don't get 'acute' episodes, but instead my flares and remissions build up gradually for a while and then subside gradually. Because of this, I almost don't notice it happening for a long time.

The past month I've felt pretty great. The morning stiffness in my hands is all but gone, my foot flares have become very minor and infrequent. I've been managing long walks with no problems. I haven't felt this well since September. Yet it's taken me about a month to realise this. It's strange how it takes your mind a wee while to catch up with your body. I'm still waking up and squeezing my hands to get them moving. I'm still expecting that a long walk will cause my toes to swell. When it doesn't, I'm surprised even though it hasnt happened for weeks.

It also took me a while to realise I was flaring back in October. My brain sort of didnt believe it for ages because I was used to being well for months before that. I was surprised at the stiffness in my hands back then, just as I am surprised by their lack of it just now. I can't quite believe I'm feeling better and I think it will take at least a few more weeks of this for my mind to quite grasp it. I don't know why I'm better, and of course I am terrified it won't be for long. But still, I am hopeful that it might be the start of a long good patch!


  1. If my fingers could cross, they'd be crossed for you to have the longest good patch ever :)

  2. Wow, consider it a blessing and enjoy every minute! I wish for all of us to find such gradual changes! Luck!! T

  3. Haha thanks Pony.

    Thanks Taz, I always count my blessings and really wish that others experience better times soon too.

  4. It's not enough that RA slowly destroys your body, it also affects you mentally with the ups and downs of living with a chronic disease. I try not to let it affect me, but deep down I'm like you, how long is this good streak going to last.