Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Work, work, work.

Cook, cook, cook.

Tv, tv, tv.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

So bored, can't wait for my trip to Paris! 2 weeks...


  1. Paris?! Yay you!!

    I've been bored a lot too. We have been hit with two major snow storms. We had four snow days last week and today and tomorrow will be two for this week.

  2. At least you have something to look forward too coming up. Enjoy it!

    I'm in the same boat as Joan. We have had nearly 4 years worth of annual snow fall in one day! I'm really ready for spring.

  3. Oh dear i'm so glad our snow seems to have disappeared. I'm with you guys, SO ready for spring!!! Not long now!

    Terry, not seen you post for a while. Hope you're doing better?