Thursday, 4 November 2010


Can I just say, what a cool place! Pubs are open all night, you can take your drink outside and no one looks at you like you're mad. The city, being basically built up from ruins after WW2, doesn't boast amazing architecture, but because of this every second building has become an art installation with amazing graffiti murals.

Yeah it was great fun and really really cheap. I only spent about 120 euros in 4 days and man, those Berliners know how to party. They go out to clubs at 2am (normally when in Scotland you're about to go home) and when we left about 6am the club was still full.

Here's some pics:

The memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe

The tv tower in alexander platz

A part of the wall in Kreutzberg that's been kept preserved..the graffiti is not the original graffiti on the west of the wall but was comissioned after the fall

A cool building in Friedrichshain, former east berlin

Art outside an area full of clubs

View from the Friedrichshain/Kreutzberg area


The obligatory bikes which everyone rides

It's also a fantastic place for a photographer. My friend who I was visiting is really not into photography so I couldn't really take my time and spend as long as I wanted taking pictures but I would love to go back on my own and explore more with my camera.

Arthritis wise, it was alright. My foot was playing up and swelling some of the time but I managed to do quite a lot of walking despite it. A few of the days we cycled about the city because it's what everyone does so that was a good rest for my foot. Had a lot of stiffness in my hands some mornings too but maybe that had something to do with the excessive drinking of extremely cheap German beer. Overall, not too bad. Can't complain too much about life just now, so I won't. Hope you like the pics and that you're all doing well.


  1. Glad you had a great time, pics are cool. I work with a guy that was in Berlin for training for 2 weeks, some of the stories he had couldn't be posted here! lol

    Glad your RA let you enjoy yourself while there. Massive quantities of cheap beer ... what a combination.

  2. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you had a good trip!


  3. Awesome! Did I not say it was a great place at night? That's what I remember--late nights at the clubs. And IMO you can't beat a good German beer! Love your pictures. I can see why you wish you were able to capture more with your camera. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what it looks like today.