Monday, 27 August 2012

August updates

How strange it seems that August is almost over, and with it summer. Not that we get much of a 'summer' in the typical sense, but I do love the long light nights, the greenery and the milder temperatures. This year seems to have flown by!

A couple of little updates - my girlfriend has moved in with me temporarily, which is really fun. I've never lived with anyone before but I'm really enjoying it. She'll only be here for a couple of months until she saves up for her own place but it's still a nice 'trial' for the future!

We are also cat-sitting for my flatmate's sister so we have a little bundle of fun called Bailey for a few weeks. Last time she was visiting us she did a little naughty poo on my bed quilt, so this time my door is staying firmly closed!!!

I've been doing a bit of freelance work lately in an effort to get some more money and expand my skills. It's going quite well and I hope to keep it up.

And finally, I'm away to Bulgaria next week for 8 days. Unfortunately it's more of a 'work' trip than a holiday, as we're dealing with some family stuff but hopefully we'll get some nice evenings out inbetween. Also it's sunny! I'll get my Vit D in before the long dark Scottish winter begins..

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  1. Well, congrats on your girlfriend moving in, if only temporarily :) It is, indeed, a good test with the option to continue, or to each have more space, and maybe work on some things that need working on if you move in together again.

    Despite Bulgaria being a work trip, I hope you enjoy it! I'm pretty jealous of where you live and the proximity to other countries. Canada is so freaking big! Ocean on three sides, then another huge country on the other. It took us two LONG days of driving (about 2500 km) to visit family in the next province :P

    P.S. I hope there are no more poos in your future :D