Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Yesterday I called my doctor to get a steroid injection into my finger. It's been acting up for over 2 months and I'm sick of it. Last time I got it injected in 2010 it sorted it out for well over a year, so I was sort of hoping it would help again. However, the nurse rang me back and asked: "So, is this an emergency?". I was quite taken aback as last time I got an appointment no problem in the same week. I didn't really know what to say. Is it life or death? No. Am I completely disabled by it? No. Does it affect how I use my (dominant) right hand every day? Yes. Does it make my job as a photographer more difficult and require me to use my hands with caution? Yes. So I basically froze up and mumbled something about it being quite uncomfortable to which she said that since there were no available appointments until the end of May, I'm as well waiting until the 13th June when I have a check up appointment anyway. I got off the phone call feeling pretty deflated. I don't know if I should've just taken the end of May appointment, but something in the woman's tone made me think that I was exaggerating my discomfort, and that I'd be taking away time from patients who need the appointment more. The whole thing has left me in a foul mood, and feeling like I am a hypochondriac. Anyway, so now I have to either call back and demand an emergency appointment (and look like a drama queen) or wait until the 13th June which is 5 weeks away. Doctors sometimes have a special way of making you feel very small.

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