Monday, 30 January 2012


Hmm... it's a funny old ride, this RA business. It sure is a world of swings and roundabouts. As you all know 2011 was a pretty great year for me and RA. For the last 6 months especially, I pretty much had no symptoms apart from some stiffness in the hands. I was hoping this would continue in 2012 but at the moment it's looking unlikely. Earlier this month I had some pretty bad knee pain that I haven't had for a long time. That's gone now but I've also had a few bouts of toe pain and swelling but this does happen to me from time to time so I wasn't too worried. Just this evening some swelling has popped up on my right index finger. It's relatively slight so far but I haven't had any swelling in my hands since Dec 2010 so this can't be good. I know these things are minor for now. But when you've been so well for so long it kind of blind-sights you. All I can do is hope it's just a slight glitch and soon everything will calm down. I'm trying not to panic but I can feel anxiety rising up within me. It's so cruel, how it almost tricks you that it's gone away and then you're brought right back down to earth. I guess I need to remember I am still lucky that I get such good periods inbetween. On a positive note, booked our flights to Peru!


  1. I also had a great 2011 and am starting 2012 with some slight flare-age. As we speak, I am feeling quite exhausted...stupid RA. It always seems that I get some pains and flares after stressful situations or weeks. So irritating! Also, you should check out my blog- its a mix of RA and non-RA stuff. I love when I stumble on new RA blogs like yours!

  2. Well I am hoping that the trip planning and all of that might be triggering the change in swelling. Even good stress can sometimes trigger a small flare. I am trying to think positive. Have fun in Peru and I am expecting you to post some great pics for us :-)

  3. Oh happy day!! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Check it out!! :)