Thursday, 1 December 2011

Another year..

Happy 2nd RAnniversary to meeeee! Actually I think it was yesterday. But yeah it was around the 30th November 2009 that I had my first symptoms of RA. Two years.. not that long really but it feels like forever ago. It also seems like nothing compared to the next..oh.. 50-odd years I have to go living with this uninvited guest! However I can say that if my RA remains sleepy like it is right now, I could tolerate it squatting in my body. As long as I can't see you, feel you or hear you, you can sleep in the spare room, RA!! I should probably have something really philosophical to say about how I feel I've grown as a person and how strong I have become but I don't think I'm any of those things, I'm just quite lucky. All I can feel right now is happiness with my life at the moment, sprinkled with a bit of background anxiety for the future and topped with some cherries. Makes for quite a tasty RAnniversary cupcake, don't you think?


  1. RAnniversary cupcake sounds good right now!!

    Happy, err, 2 years to your RA. Hope it remains as silent as possible forever!

  2. Happy anniversary. Although our future with RA is always scary, I have a feeling you will handle whatever comes your way just fine.

    I am glad things are quiet for you right now. Enjoy every last minute of it!