Monday, 12 September 2011


Hello my little forgotten blog! I have the internet at home again, hooray!!! I did my bike ride yesterday. In a sort of mini hurricane that's come over our way from the east coast of america. Obviously nowhere nearly as bad as it was for those guys but just lots of strong winds and sideways rain. Not the best cycling weather!!! Almost died. Not really. But it was tough. I've been sitting on my couch all day today in my new SNUGGIE. Does anyone have one? They're so ridiculous, mine's zebra print and i LOVE it. I wear it over my dressing gown, and i look like a total idiot but I'm so warm!! Ok that's all I have to say right now. Will do a proper post soon. Hope everyone's as well as can be!


  1. Love snuggies but won't be pulling mine out for awhile as we have 90 degrees here still. I have a blue one but love them all.

  2. Snuggie owner and proud!! Wish mine was a cool print, it's just burgundy. But , I did purchase a leopard print one as a gift for my local arthritis buddy after she dog sat for us and loved using my snuggie while staying at the house.

    Have you seen the double snuggies? lol:

  3. Hahaha YES Jenn, I have seen those. My friend and I always joke about getting one cos we sit on my couch wearing our snuggies and watch tv. Burgundy sounds classy ;)