Saturday, 24 April 2010

Well.. here we go. Another blog about rheumatoid arthritis. I don't know exactly how this is going to turn out and what sort of things I want to write about but I read lots of RA blogs which I find funny, informative and heartbreaking so I want to add my own 2 cents in. I guess it doesn't all have to be about arthritis. I hope my life isn't only about that.

A bit of background info. I'm a 24 year old girl from Scotland. I've lived a busy, healthy life so far for which I am thankful. 5 months ago 2 fingers swelled up overnight and my world came crashing down.

I'm really new to this arthritis business and I guess this blog is going to be more for 'newbies'. A lot of the blogs out there are by people with lots of experience and I have absolutely none. I'm just trying to keep a positive attitude, and not go crazy. I figured writing about my life might help. Myself, and perhaps someone else going through the same ordeal.

I guess I'll end this first post on something positive - I'm going on holiday tomorrow. My first holiday AA - after arthritis. I'm going to Spain, and very much looking forward to getting away from this muggy island, especially since the volcano ash almost destroyed my plans.
I'm a little bit worried, as my hand is flaring just now and the ends of 3 of my fingers looks like sausages. I don't know what the change in weather/going on a plane/being in the heat (my hand feels like it's on fire right now. Soooooo pleasant.. :/ ) might do. I'm hoping a week off work will actually settle me down, as this is the worst I've been since it first started so I'm not a happy bunny.
I didn't think that first flare would ever end, but it did after about 4 weeks and I'm only 2 weeks into this one. So, I'm slightly more positive this time that it'll pass. I'll be spending a week in the sun, drinking cocktails, swimming in a lovely pool and reading my books. Lets hope I come back a changed woman ;)

Well.. that's all folks! See you in a week.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Squirrel. I love the can-do attitude you have with regards to living with arthritis. It can be miserable at times, but as you've already noticed, you can get on with your life and have fun anyway. It just takes a bit of flexibility and a positive attitude -- and the smarts to know when to slow down and rest. You've got all those.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your continuing adventures. Sending warmth, friendship, compassion and courage across the pond to you ...